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Marriage is one of the few institutions created by God designed to reflect the person of God and the community of our Divine Diety. We believe all covenant relationships between males and females (husbands and wives) are meant to go somewhere! It is the Holy Spirit who equips, edifies, empowers and exposes the purpose for the union. What does this mean for you and I? It means pack your bags! Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

We believe that God provides us the necessary grace to take our marriages to their destinations. There are five areas or "ships" we believe are vital in establishing where the holy matrimony will go.

1. Friendship - This ship is the foundation to the relationship. Friendship has a built in default when nothing else seems to work within the other 'ships. We should always be able to fall back and just be friends when we can't be anything else.

2. Relationsip - This ship provides the information necessary for building the foundation of the union. You learn colors, favorite movies and foods. You discover the things you are compatible with, the things you are able to relate to, and those other things that could be problematic down the line.

3. Courtship - The ship has gotten pretty serious. Loaded now with heavy cargo of mutual interest! Commitments are on the table. Dating becomes intense courting! Courting done right leads to significant decisions. The bags are packed, the tickets have been purchased, we are on our way to where we are suppose to go! But where is it that we are going?

4. Marriage - The ship is sailing! Wedlock is in the forefront! The plan of God regarding the relationships on earth is indeed in motion! It starts with the commitment to begin a family. That is where this ship is anchored at. The family dock!

5. Partnership - Marriages should not only reflect the glory of God, but it is an institution designed to function like a business. Marriage is God's business! The husband is the President, the wife is the Director, the children are the Managers and Associates of the business, according to age and maturity. The neighbors and local communities are the potential clients. 

6. Stewardship - We believe stewardship is just as important as the other "ships." Many times we take for granted the people we are attached to. We stop doing those things we did on the other ships that got you and I here in this moment right now. What we have discovered is that God will bless our marriages when we are faithful stewards to the things God has delegated.

7. Mentorship - We should always have an open door to receive from our spouses and significant others. The strength of our mates can help us manage those areas in our lives that we are weak in. Each one of us have something that we are experts in. That knowledge is necessary in developing the union that marriage represents. We all can contribute to the success of our marriages by learning from one another.

8. Companionship - The ship has come full circle as it has sailed throughout the alotted time permitted to experience what life is like as lifelong partners, committed to one another and the purpose of God. Friends for life! Witnesses of divine impact on the lives of those who boarded the ships! To God be the glory for the things that He has done!

These eight"ships" lead couples to expereince the holy matrimony intented to bring glory to God's business. Nevertheless, this is only the beginning! The destination doesn't start with "I do." The destination starts with Holy Spirit! 

If you recognize lack of movement in your relationship, take a moment to audit the relationship. Most marriages fail because of the captain of the ship. We mistake movement for momemtum and go for growth! It is possible to go absolutely no where in a hurry! Who is guiding your ship? When we prevent the Holy Spirit from being the compass for our marriages, shipwreck is inevitable! We must trust the Holy Spirit knows where we need to go. Please follow us on Face Book. Subscribe to our You Tube channel, TriLife Ministries. Marriage is a trip. Where are you headed?

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." Genesis 2:24