What To Expect


keeping the sabbath - 10AM WorD, Sunday 9am Family Focus, wednesday-noon bible study

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

Welcome to TriLife Ministries. We’ve put together some information here that tries to briefly answer some of the questions you may have prior to visiting our minstry for the first time:


It's important to us that you feel welcome whenever you visit one of our online platforms. We hope our online presence will help you feel relaxed and comfortable. The music and worship are built around Biblical themes that are timeless. We are glad to have you join us today in worship!

Family Friendly

No matter your family dynamics, you're welcome at TriLife Ministries! We believe the entire world benefits when the family is functioning the way God designed. You will discover at TriLife Ministries, family is our 1st ministry! Therefore, we're excited for you! Please consider being a part of our family!  

Biblical Teaching

Here at TriLife Ministries, we place a high priority on practical teaching of God's Word. What you will receive will be sound expository preaching and revelational knowledge focused around deepening your relationship with God, while discovering yourself and purpose in the process. We desire for you to be not only encouraged but also expect to be challenged by God's Word through God's servant. Other opportunities exist beyond Sabbath worship service where kingdom minded believers will have a chance to grow, fellowship, and be a part of a family that lives out their faith on purpose. Let's TriLife together!