Man Up!


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Man Up! mens ministry

{currently under reconstruction}

We are excited about what God is going to do through this mens ministry!

This ministry is designed to gather men together of all walks of life for the purpose of sharing with one another those areas in our lives that we may struggle with as men, and those areas that we have been privileged the opportunity to experience victory. This ministry will become a safe haven for those who need an outlet, a lending ear or some positive feedback regarding life situations that may challenge ones manlihood. This ministry will include both young and seasoned men, beginning at age 18. It's not only important to man up regarding the affairs of our lives as men, it is just as important to educate the next cycle of young men so that they will not fall victim to the ignorance of Satan's devices! Building the kingdom will require us to build each other up, regardless of age, race, faith, and any other status quo. Are you up for the task?

Who are you accountable to and who do you hold accountable? Pride, ego, brokedness and being misunderstood will condition the mind of a man to shut out the reality of a world he was designed to have dominion over. Let's complete each other instead of competing with one another! Both saved and unsaved, It's time to MAN UP!

"How good and pleasant for brethern to dwell together in unity." Psalms 133:133